Flagstaff Vehicle Wraps

Are you interested in a fresh, innovative way to revamp your vehicle’s appearance without the expense and permanence of a new paint job? Then we have exactly what you’re looking for: a Flagstaff Vehicle Wraps.

Car wraps aren’t just protective layers; they’re customizable canvases that enable businesses to promote their brand or individuals to showcase their style. If you’re interested in getting a Flagstaff Vehicle Wraps, contact Fast-Trac today. With more than 15 years in the vehicle wrap industry, our team of designers and installers has the knowledge and expertise necessary to transform your car, van, truck, or boat.

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What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a method of covering a vehicle’s paint with a durable 3M vinyl material imprinted with graphics or text. It offers a cost-effective alternative to repainting, enabling businesses to advertise their brand on their vehicles and individuals to personalize their cars with unique designs. Ideal for various vehicles and outdoor conditions, this type of vinyl wrap is removable without damaging the original paint.

What Types of Flagstaff Vehicle Wraps Are There?

Vinyl car wraps come in a variety of types, each with its unique features and benefits. Here are the most common types of Flagstaff vehicle wraps:

1.   Full Wrap

A full wrap covers the entire vehicle, including the windows. It provides the most significant impact and visibility, making it ideal for businesses that want to make a statement with their advertising. Full wraps are usually the most expensive type of wrap, but they offer the most substantial return on investment.

2.   Partial Wrap

A partial car wrap covers only a portion of the vehicle, typically the sides and back. It’s a more cost-effective option than a full wrap, but it still provides a significant impact. Partial wraps are a popular choice for businesses that want to advertise their brand on a budget.

3.   Color Change Wrap

A color change wrap allows vehicle owners to change the color of their car without the need for paint. It’s a popular option for individuals who want to customize the look of their vehicle. Color change wraps come in various colors and finishes, including matte, gloss, and metallic.

4.   Fleet Wrap

A fleet wrap is a type of wrap used to brand an entire fleet of vehicles. It’s an excellent choice for companies with multiple vehicles that want to create a cohesive brand image. Fleet wraps can include branding elements such as logos, slogans, and contact information.

What Are Vehicle Wraps Made Of?

Vehicle wraps are made of 3M vinyl film, which is a durable and flexible material that can be molded to fit any shape and size of a vehicle. The vinyl film is made up of several layers, each with a specific purpose. Here is a breakdown of the layers:

  • Topcoat layer: This layer protects the vinyl film from scratches, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can damage the film’s appearance.
  • Print layer: This layer is where the design or graphics are printed onto the vinyl film using large format printers.
  • Adhesive layer: This layer is what allows the vinyl film to stick to the vehicle’s surface. The adhesive is specially formulated to provide a strong bond while still allowing for easy removal.
  • Release liner layer: This layer protects the adhesive layer during transport and installation. It is removed during the installation process.

3M vinyl car wraps comes in a variety of finishes, each with its own unique look and feel, making it easy to customize the appearance of a vehicle.

How Long Do Flagstaff Vehicle Wraps Last?

On average, a professionally installed vehicle wrap can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. However, with proper care and maintenance, some vinyl car wraps can last up to 7 years or more.

How Are Vehicle Wraps Applied?

Vehicle wraps are meticulously applied to ensure they firmly adhere to a vehicle’s surface. Initially, the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly to eliminate dirt and contaminants. Once clean, professional installers measure and print the design on a large format printer. They then align and apply the wrap, smoothing out any imperfections. Excess material is trimmed, and edges are sealed to prevent peeling.

The precision required in this process highlights the need for professional installation. While 3M vinyl is known to resist fading and damage, poorly installed wraps are likely to bubble or wrinkle, reducing the wrap’s lifespan; that’s why choosing an experienced installer is essential.

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